Minutes – August 7, 2013

Healthy Harvey Coalition
August 7, 2013 – Meeting Minutes

Welcome & Introductions

Members in attendance  –  Hilary Dopfel, Sarah Key, Lisa Bartel, Merresa Akers, Janet Fulmer, Randy Hague, Maggie Smet, Denise Duerksen, Lynnette Redington, Nancy Martin, Candace Cullers, Melinda Ebersole, Ashley Bergner, Bev Roberts

a)    Coalition Bylaws – the bylaws were approved (Randy Hague motioned and Maggie Smet seconded. All were in favor.
b)    SharePoint – Hilary gave a brief overview of how to utilize SharePoint. Website: http://www.myctb.org/wst/hci User Name: healthy harvey coalition Password: welcome1
c)    Policy Priority Ideas and Brainstorming – Hilary reviewed the three policy priority areas the coalition is choosing from including, community gardens, farmers’ markets, and bikeability and how they line up with ReNewton 2030. The coalition then broke into groups and brainstormed different policy ideas for each of these three areas.


a)    Survey
b)    Upcoming Meeting

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