Coalition Documents

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Operating Principles

Healthy Harvey Coalition Operating Principles                      August 7, 2013

1.  Name
The name of this coalition shall be the Healthy Harvey Coalition

2.  Purpose and Goals

Section 1.    Vision:   A healthier Harvey County

Section 2.    Mission:  The Healthy Harvey Coalition works to improve the health of our community by working through policies, systems and environmental change.

Section 3.    Goals:
A.    Development of a community policy plan related to physical activity or nutrition
B.    Building and maintenance of the Healthy Harvey Coalition

3.  Members
Section 1.  Eligibility:  Anyone who is interested in the work of the Healthy Harvey Coalition and has been invited by a current Coalition member.

Section 2.  Removal:   The Coalition shall have the right to remove Coalition members for good cause after notice to the Coalition as a whole. A majority vote is required for removal.

Section 3.  Compensation:  All members of the Coalition shall serve without compensation.

Section 4.  Voting:  Each member shall be entitled to one vote on each matter.

Section 5.  Support:  Support and coordination of the Coalition is initially provided by the Kansas Health Foundation Healthy Communities Initiative, Healthy Kids Challenge, Public Health Law Center, Center for Community Support and Research, Central Kansas Community Foundation, and the Harvey County Health Department. Additional support will be sought from community members, organizations, the county, and cities in Harvey County.

4. Leadership
Section 1.  Facilitating Agency:  The Harvey County Health Department will act as facilitating agency for the Coalition.

Section 2.  Fiscal Agent:  The Central Kansas Community Foundation will act as fiscal agent for the Coalition.

Section 3.  Leadership Committee:  The Leadership Committee guides the Coalition in its operation with input from and feedback to the Coalition membership. Final decisions for the Coalition will rest with the Leadership Committee.

Section 4.  Composition of the Leadership Committee:  The Leadership Committee is a volunteer committee of Healthy Harvey Coalition members.

Section 5.  Leadership Committee Eligibility:  Leadership Committee members must be invited by a current member of the Leadership Committee and must be approved through consensus of the standing Leadership Committee. Resignation from the Leadership Committee must be in writing and must be given to the Healthy Harvey Coalition Coordinator.

Section 6.  Officers:  The officers of the Coalition shall consist of the following and such officers as the Coalition may from time to time appoint. Members may be re-appointed for a second term and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. After sitting out for a period of one-year, former members may be eligible for re-appointment.

A.  Chairperson:  The Chairperson will serve a volunteer term of two years. Chairperson responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
a.    A member of the Leadership Team
b.    Conducting meetings
c.    Approving meeting agendas
d.    Communicating between the Healthy Harvey Coalition Leadership Committee and the Coalition as a whole
e.    Delegating tasks

B.  Vice-Chairperson:  The Vice-Chairperson will serve a volunteer term of two years. It is the assumption that the Vice-Chairpersons shall replace the Chairperson once his/her term is fulfilled.
a.    Assists Chairperson in all Chairperson duties.
b.    Acts as Chairperson when Chairperson is absent.

C.  Coalition Secretary:  The Secretary will serve a volunteer term of two years. The Secretary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
a.    Taking Coalition and Leadership Committee minutes
b.    Disseminating Coalition materials
c.    Maintaining the Coalition database

Section 7.  Sub-Committees:  Sub-Committees may be appointed in concerns relative to specialized matters or for short-term objectives. Sub-Committees are expected to update the Leadership Team and the Coalition of their work.

5.  Meetings
Section 1.  Regular Meetings:  Regular meetings of the Coalition shall be held, at a minimum, bi-monthly.

Section 2.  Leadership Committee Meetings:  Leadership Committee meetings shall be held, at a minimum, monthly, which will include a technical assistance conference call.

Section 3.  Special Meetings:  Special meetings of the Coalition and/or the Leadership Committee may be held on call by the Coalition Coordinator or Leadership Committee as necessary.

Section 4.  Manner of Acting:  Consensus shall constitute the action. If deemed necessary, the Leadership Committee may invoke majority vote.

6. Amendments
These operating principles may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the Leadership Committee. Written notice of the proposed Operating principles changes shall be e-mailed to each member at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the final consensus. The Leadership Committee must approve changes by a majority vote.

7. Definitions

Majority Vote: a political principle requiring that two-thirds (2/3) rather than a simple majority of the members of a politically organized group must concur in order to exercise the power to make decisions binding upon the whole group

These Operating Principles were approved at the meeting of the Leadership Committee of the Healthy Harvey Coalition on August 7, 2013.