Minutes from past meetings.

Minutes – October 8, 2013

Healthy Harvey Coalition
October 8, 2013 – Meeting Minutes

Welcome & Introductions

Members in attendance    Hilary Dopfel, Candace Cullors, Lynnette Redington, Ashley Bergner, Mindy Parry, Becky Friesen, Nancy Martin, Desiree Skibbe, Merresa Akers, Amy Mitchell, Jennifer Koontz,  and Jason Jones
Announcement of Policy Priority & Partnership for Healthy Communities Initiative – Hilary announced that after reviewing the survey monkey results and meeting with the Leadership Team, the Healthy Communities Initiative Planning Grant, will be focused on Bikeability and Walkability of Harvey County. Hilary met with the ReNewton Bicycle Initiative Group and they agreed to partner with us on this initiative.


a)    Next Steps – Hilary led the group thru an activity using the Community Change Model. Discussion included Marketing and Public relations, Community Mobilization, Community Education, Advocacy with Organizational decision Makers, and Educating Government Policy Makers
b)    Webinar – For the remaining part of the meeting the coalition watched a webinar related to the focus of the group called, “Making Walking and Biking Happen in Your Community”
To view, log into share point: http://www.myctb.org/wst/hci User Name: Healthy Harvey Coalition
Password: welcome1

after you log into SharePoint, click on “Resources” and then on “HCI Webinars” scroll down until the second from the bottom which is the walking and biking webinar.
Other    a)    Upcoming Meeting on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 from 12pm-1pm at Fire Station #3 on S. Kansas Ave.

Healthy Harvey Coalition
June 5, 2013 – Meeting Minutes

Welcome & Introductions

Members in attendance    Hilary Dopfel, Sarah Key, Mindy Parry, Amy Mitchell. Ashley Bergner, Beverly Roberts, Merresa Akers, Melissa Koehn, Beth Green, Nancy Martin, Jo Lehrman, Malea Hartrickson, Susan Jackson, John Waltner, Randy Hague, Joy Robb, Lisa Bartel, Tina Payne, Jennifer Koontz, Tracie Strain, Denise Duerksen
Education / Presentations

Healthy Communities Initiative – Hilary and Lisa presented on the Healthy Communities Initiative Planning Grant, expectations and timeline.


a)    Coalition Bylaws – Hilary reviewed the drafted Coalition Bylaws. The leadership team will be developing the purpose and goals. Final bylaws will be voted on at the August coalition meeting. Coalition members are able to read the drafted bylaws in further detail and email Hilary at hdopfel@harveycounty.com with any edits or suggestions.
b)    Policy brainstorming session – Hilary and Lisa discussed the differences between a “program” and a “policy”. Examples were given for physical activity and nutrition policies and then the group broke into small groups to brainstorm ideas for Harvey County.

Other    a)    Upcoming Meeting
b)    Work Well KS Training
c)    Community Updates / Announcements    a)    Wednesday, August 7, 2013 from 12pm-1pm in the Prairie Room and Newton Medical Center
b)    The second Newton WorkWell KS training (for 7 new organizations) will be July 11 and 12. Please contact Lisa at lbartel@harveycounty.com if you are interested in attending.
c)    Handout

Minutes – August 7, 2013

Healthy Harvey Coalition
August 7, 2013 – Meeting Minutes

Welcome & Introductions

Members in attendance  –  Hilary Dopfel, Sarah Key, Lisa Bartel, Merresa Akers, Janet Fulmer, Randy Hague, Maggie Smet, Denise Duerksen, Lynnette Redington, Nancy Martin, Candace Cullers, Melinda Ebersole, Ashley Bergner, Bev Roberts

a)    Coalition Bylaws – the bylaws were approved (Randy Hague motioned and Maggie Smet seconded. All were in favor.
b)    SharePoint – Hilary gave a brief overview of how to utilize SharePoint. Website: http://www.myctb.org/wst/hci User Name: healthy harvey coalition Password: welcome1
c)    Policy Priority Ideas and Brainstorming – Hilary reviewed the three policy priority areas the coalition is choosing from including, community gardens, farmers’ markets, and bikeability and how they line up with ReNewton 2030. The coalition then broke into groups and brainstormed different policy ideas for each of these three areas.


a)    Survey
b)    Upcoming Meeting